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Indoor Flea Treatment 

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HomeoFlea, Natural flea treatment for cats
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Each bottle contains a 3 month supply of Flea Repellent for 1-5 cats.
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HomeoFlea 18C  $38.95
Homeo Flea 18C Flea Repellent For Cats
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Cost Effective
Zero Side Effects, Safe For Kittens
Harmless and Non Toxic
Effectively Repels Fleas from Cats

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Homeoflea, homeopathic flea treatment and repellent for cats

HomeoFlea is a safe, natural, completely nontoxic way to effectively repel fleas from your cat. Developed by a Swedish inventor and Biomedical Analyst, HomeoFlea is a natural flea repellent using cutting edge Bio Energetics and Homeopathic principles. 

Is it Safe?
The remedy, in an 18C potency, has Zero Toxicity, Zero Side Effects, cannot be overdosed in any way, is safe for cats of all ages and safe for cats who have had reactions to other flea medications.

How soon will it work?
This is a repellent that works WITH your cat's own system, so allow several weeks for the repellent to take effect and up to 6 weeks to become fully activated. 

Flea treatment with HomeoFlea, a homeopathic flea repellent
What is HomeoFlea?

Safe, Affordable and Effective
Homeoflea provides an economical solution to keep your cats and your home flea free.
Homeoflea is very affordable. Each bottle provides flea protection for 3 months for up to 5 cats. If you are currently paying let's say, $10 per cat per month, and you have 5 cats, you would spend $150 in 3 months compared to the cost of HomeoFlea which would be $38.95, a saving of $110!

Purchase with Confidence

"I had a bad reaction to "flea drops". I was unable to walk properly and while trying to jump on to a table my brain was not functioning properly  so I hit the edge of the table head on, and was hurt badly.
My Mum was beside herself. Now Mum gives me HomeoFlea, a homeopathic flea treatment. I have not had any side effects, have not had a flea either, even though I still go outside!! Oh, and the itchy scabs I used to get from the flea bites are long gone too."

Bella, the Ragdoll Cat

Important Note if your cat has fleas:
If you are finding fleas on your cats, chances are that your home is infested with fleas. For every flea you see on your cat, there is another 90+ waiting to hatch in your environment. HomeoFlea is a powerful deterrent but is not designed to treat a flea infestation.

If your home is infested your home HAS to be treated along with your cats. There is no way around that, no matter what product you use.  The number one reason for a flea eradication program to fail is a lack of understanding of the flea life cycle.

How Does This Flea Treatment Work?

This repellent works on your cat's own energy system and does not contain any pesticides, nerve toxins, herbs, essential oils, (essential oils are toxic to cats) or any other potentially toxic compounds.
As an Imponderable Homeopathic remedy, it does not contain any molecules but rather an energetic wave form that effectively repels fleas, yet is totally harmless to your cats and anything else living in your home.
After an activation period of several weeks, fleas will avoid coming in contact with the cat, possibly in a similar way as some humans do not attract mosquitoes to bite. As opposed to other commercial pesticides such as Frontline etc. which requires the flea to make contact with your cat in order to die, our treatment remedy keeps the flea away from the cat. Without the cat, the flea cannot survive, and the cycle is broken, resulting in a flea free home.