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Each bottle contains a 3 month supply of Flea Repellent for 1-5 cats.
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HomeoFlea 18C  $38.95
Homeo Flea 18C Flea Repellent For Cats
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Cost Effective
Zero Side Effects, Safe For Kittens
Harmless and Non Toxic
Effectively Repels Fleas from Cats

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I'm so happy I found this product. One cat would hide for several days after I had put the drops on the back of her neck. It was becoming more and more stressful. With this, just adding the little pills to the water is so easy. 
We haven't had any fleas since starting the cats on Homeoflea.  Really great product and I would definitely recommend this to a friend. We are also saving close to $30 per month!!

Dee Cohen Coconut Creek Fl.

I started using this homeopathic flea remedy about 2 months ago with great results.  My cat, Ashley, is an indoor/outdoor cat who likes to go out at night. I used to get a prescription from the Veterinary for Comfortis but was always worried about the side effects (and it was expensive, too). 
This new remedy is safe and easy to use. I dissolve 3 pills in 400 CC of water and pour it in her bowl.  The rest I keep in the refrigerator and I refill the bowl when is getting empty until is all gone.   The results have been great.  My cat has no fleas and scratches a lot less than before.  I highly recommend it and can’t beat the price!

LB Pompano Beach Fl

We've been using Homeoflea since June 2015 for our 3 cats. Prior to that we had a low grade flea problem for several years despite using Frontline. We'd see an occasional flea, frequent flea dirt and all cats ended up getting tape worm. All cats are inside cats only. We could never figure out where the fleas came from. We had talked to our vet about trying something else to get rid of the fleas and found this product. 

We have not seen a flea, nor flea dirt for several months now. The cats all went to the vet to get treated for the worms, and the vet could not see ANY signs of fleas. YAY!    Really great product. Easy to use, effective, and the price is great.  Thank you Homeoflea!

LK Lake Worth Fl

"I'm So Happy I Found This Product"
"I Highly Recommend It And Can't Beat The Price"
"We Had a Low Grade Flea Problem For Several Years"

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